A Simple Life Update

I will be pausing in writing about my previous experiences and my beginnings with anxiety to talk a bit about how my life is going as of now. I have recently begun my journey with taking Lexapro for my anxiety, and this has had me worried sick. I have always felt as though I could live with my anxiety without medication, and it feels extremely disappointing that my life as come to a point to where I do need a bit of help getting my life under control. On my Facebook post where I shared my blog, I wrote about how mental ilnesses should not be overlooked. I may have caused some confusion there, because I myself am not diagnosed as “mentally ill”. I do have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (as diagnosed by my counselor, whom I see on a weekly basis), and I self-diagnosed myself with Panic Disorder, but the two seem to intertwine. I do not have it as badly as some might, and I, in no way, want people to think that I am trying to gain attention or sympathy by this blog. I am doing this to raise awareness, and to help people understand me, but I am mostly doing this for myself. I wanted to write down my feelings to get them all out on the line because I thought that it would help me face my future with dignity and pride. I want to become more confident with myself, and I want to be a happier, wiser, and better person. I am very interested in psychology, and I am currently thinking about changing my career path (again) to possibly become a counselor, to help others work out the problems within their own minds. I feel as though having had issues with anxiety and some depression (in the past), I would be able to lend an understanding, and caring hand to those that need it. Talking to someone about your experiences, who truly understand you because they too have had similar experiences, very much helps the healing process. I have not decided yet, and will not change my current school schedule yet, simply because I am not one to make decisions without firm belief that it is what I want to do. I have had an interesting journey this summer, and I am looking forward to making myself better this coming fall semester in college! Good vibes are ahead.


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